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Maria Reference sheet (UPDATE.) by Captainspiral Maria Reference sheet (UPDATE.) by Captainspiral
Update: Hi um. I updated her Reference sheet for some reasons. Mostly because she has horns when her Dragon side REALLY shows...^^"" yeah. She has more Bio. I thought it would be good to do that.*derps*

For this Group :iconmonster-nursery-ocs:


Name: Maria Leaf Alexandria

Age: 130

Gender: Female

Type: Dog, Dragon

Height: 5'0

Hobby: Using her talent

Job?: Florist

Status: Dating Tex

About: Is very Shy around others and prefers to be alone lots of times.She likes wild life and spends lots of her time with animals. Her magic is making wildlife. She usually has trouble with her style because all she wears is either a Jacket and Shorts with boots,or her normal outfit.When she knows someone really well she become more adventurous around them and more daring. She loves to joke on monsters that she knows a lot. If you tick her off by hurting nature or hurting anyone she cares about you get to deal with that Dragon side she has.Though she never gets angry,just don't tick her off....please.

Her house: Her house is covered with Plants and wildlife.Inside her house is clean and neat. She's also a clean freak and prefers you to take your shoes off outside.She has a lab behind her house that she uses to make crossbred plants and fruits. Caution you also get to meet her Guardians Children around the area and around the entrance. They smell fear and will attack an enemy.Only a couple of monsters have gone in there.
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